The Swiftfile Solution™

Do you have important information falling through the cracks?

Are you always missing deadlines or misplacing important documents?

Our SwiftFile Solution™ puts an end to these recurring challenges

with a system that sets you up for success, at home, and in your business.

Get Organized the Right Way

Having a good filing system is very important when it comes to organization. However, the filing cabinet is not the best place to put action items or things that you want to be reminded of in the near future.

The SwiftFile™ is a method that helps you handle action items with a tickler file system. This supports your upcoming and urgent tasks with ease and effectiveness.

Benefits of Our Professional Organizer System

When utilizing the SwiftFile™ system correctly, you will:

Be able to quickly organize every piece of paper that requires action in the future.

Have clear reminders of personal and business action items.

Learn time management strategies, and gain time back on not having to search through endless amounts of clutter.

Spend more time on activities and things you really value and enjoy.

Swiftlife - ProductiveEnvironment USA

Perfect for Home or Office

Whether you need professional organization in your home or office, the SwiftFile™ is versatile in being an effective system.

With 31 individual folders and the twelve taller month folders, you will automatically see how it will change your days' function. You also receive lifetime access to the SwiftFile Course, which provides more valuable tips on using the system to stay organized and productive for the rest of your life!

To-Do Items

With the SwiftFile™, this is the first place you can look to find those reminder notes, client requests, birthday cards, invitations and bills to pay.

Time Management

Know exactly what needs to be done for the day by having easy access to your papers. Let go of the stacks of mail and documents on your desk or kitchen counter. Simply place in the SwiftFile™ until you need it.

Goodbye To Manila Folders

With the SwiftFile Solution™, you have the ability to store pages for each day of the month as well as each month of the year. The custom heights make each day visible and easy to find exactly what you need when you need it. The folders are sturdy and able to handle stacks of paper while being easy to grab-on-the-go.

Clutter is postponed decisions®

Do you think that placing another document, invitation,

or bill in the clutter pile will help you find it quickly?

Let us show you a better way with the SwiftFile Solution™!

The SwiftFile Solution™ will help you save time & money!

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