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Expert Barbara Hemphill Provides Insight on How Professionalism in Home Office Setups Can Benefit Employers and Employees

April 25, 20232 min read

[Raleigh, NC April 24, 2023] - Barbara Hemphill, renowned Productivity and Work-Life Balance expert, has shared valuable insights on the importance of maintaining a professional home office setup. By organizing and decluttering the workspace, employees can meet the needs of their employers, making it more likely for companies to approve remote work arrangements.

Research reveals that the average person spends 150 hours per year searching for misplaced information, while eight out of ten people have at least one area in their home or office they would prefer to keep hidden. Clutter can have a profound impact on individuals' productivity and overall well-being.

A well-organized and professional home office setup can lead to increased productivity and improved work-life balance for employees, ultimately benefiting employers through enhanced performance and reduced turnover. Hemphill's insights offer a roadmap to create a home office environment that meets the needs of employers and promotes remote work as a viable option.

To learn more about creating systems for a productive home office and improving work-life balance, Barbara Hemphill invites readers to engage with her content and reach out for personalized solutions. The Productive Environment Institute™, founded by Barbara Hemphill, is also offering a Home Office for the Business of Life™ 4 Week LIVE Bootcamp, with a new class starting next month, for those interested in optimizing their home office experience.

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Barbara Hemphill

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About Barbara Hemphill:

Barbara Hemphill is a renowned Productivity Expert, specializing in work-life balance and helping individuals create productive environments in their homes and offices, along with her team of Certified Productive Environment Specialists™. With over 40 years of experience, she has dedicated her career to assisting clients in transforming their lives by decluttering and organizing their workspaces. Hemphill's practical solutions and expert guidance have earned her a reputation as a leading authority in her field. Visit to learn more.

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